Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day, July 4, 1776

Once Upon a Time, a very intelligent group of patriots decided they were tired of the tyranny of the English king, and fought a great war for the independence of a new nation where government would NOT control the people, but the people would control the government. For well over 200 years, the United States of America has functioned under those principles. Please don't ever forget what they fought for. Please don't ever stop fighting for the freedoms our founders set down for us. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution. And if you're short on time, you must read our Bill of Rights!  Remember these great patriots worked long and hard on these documents and these principles so that we might enjoy freedom.

For lots more information on The Declaration of Independence:


Sharon Ledwith said...

I wasn't raised Amercian, but I was born in America. I recognize the value of true freedom, and see it being fought for constantly through words. Cheers for sharing this with us, Rita! Will get the word out so others can appreciate the power of your words in The Legend of Ghost Dog Island! Happy Independence Day!

Unknown said...

My grandfather faught in WWII and helped liberate the first concentration camp. With groeing up and hearing the stories of the autracities I have always understood how lucky we are. There are always times when things are taken for granted, but it doesn't take much to awaken the awareness of how lucky we are.

Unknown said...

I wasn't born in America, but I was raised here. I adopted its culture, values, and history, which I profoundly admire. I study in it,I grew as a person as well, and have been able to meet wonderful people that were part of my upbringing. I became a naturized citizen from a very young age. I embraced the american dream and I'm currently in the process of making it a reality! I wish I can be part of the change and help the generations after us become agents of change. I love my country! Happy 4th of July! :)

Armen Pogharian said...

Like many who were born here, I had a tendency to take for granted the privilege it is to live here. I didn't fully overcome that tendency until I took my oath of service as a commissioned officer in the USAF. I was never asked to lay down my life to protect and defend our rights, but I was prepared to do so. I have since left the service. While I miss many things about serving, I'm grateful for the lesson my service taught me. There are few things worthy of the ultimate sacrifice, but our guarantee of freedom and rights is one of them. Thanks for reminding everyone why we take a day off to picnic and watch fireworks.

Jeff Salter said...

Yes, I love America. Despite all its flaws, the awful things that some of our leaders have done, the criminal acts of some of our citizens --- there is no other nation with as many freedoms, or as much prosperity, as we have here in the U.S.
In America, I don't fear the military and I don't fear the police. I know they're not the answer to all our problems, but I figure they contribute to our welfare more than the scattered abuses you read about.
I love American "first responders" who will rush into danger to help out citizens in peril. I love America's teachers, who work for (comparatively) low wages to impart wisdom and learning to new generations.
I love that no other nation has people trying to get INTO it ... but plenty of other nations have people trying to get OUT.
God bless the USA.

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Hey everyone. Thanks for your wonderful comments. I'm just now getting in here. My Explorer had gone bonkers. I was hoping to have more people comment, but I guess they were too busy celebrating our freedoms!!!

Sharon, thanks for helping me get the message out. I'm thinking you already have a copy of my book, but we'll talk later about that.

Crystal, Thanks for sharing the story of your grandfather's service. My father fought in WWII also. It was an awful war...but then all war is awful, right? We are lucky compared to so many other countries.

Ellie, Welcome to America. Glad you have taken advantage of all this country has to offer. I'm hoping we don't have too much change in the direction we are going. I kind of like it the way it is....or was.

Armen, thank you for your service! And for all the servicemen that fight to guarantee our freedoms remain intact.God bless you!!!

Jeff, I love your sentiments about all the good and not so good about our country. But the WINNING line is your comment about people wanting to get INTO our country and not the other way around. God bless the USA. Message me your address and I'll forward your book.

Thanks again everyone for participating.

Jeff Salter said...

wonderful to win your book.
I'll send you my address on your FB message.