Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Legend of the Bottle Tree

Have you ever been driving through Louisiana, or some other southern state,  and noticed a tree with colored bottles either hanging from it or stuck onto their branches? More than likely they were blue bottles. No, they are not a poor man’s stained glass display.

It is said that this traditional practice was brought here by the Africans during the slave trade. In the Congo, Natives have hung hand-blown glass on huts and trees to ward off evil spirits since the ninth century, and perhaps earlier.

The Legend is told that the spirits are attracted to the sparkling color of the bottles, blue ones seemingly more enticing. The moaning sound made by the wind as it passes over the bottle openings are said to be proof that a spirit is trapped within.

Whether you believe the legend or not, the trees are a sight to behold, displayed in various shapes, sizes, and forms, as beautiful yard and garden decorations.

An excerpt from Eudora Welty’s short story Livvie, describes one such tree:

“…Then coming around up the path from the deep cut of the Natchez Trace below was a line of bare crape-myrtle trees with every branch of them ending in a colored bottle of green or blue.

There was no word that fell from Solomon’s lips to say what they were for, but Livvie knew that there could be a spell put in the trees, and she was familiar from the time she was born with the way bottle trees kept evil spirits from coming into the house – by luring them inside the colored bottles, where they cannot get out again.”

A bottle tree is featured in the movie, Ray, a Ray Charles biopic. And again in the Princess and the Frog, a cartoon movie set in New Orleans, where bottle trees hang in the bayou.

In my children’s Novel, The Legend of Ghost Dog Island, a bottle tree adorns the front entrance of a voodoo woman’s shack. Excerpt below:

“What y’all want?” The yellow glow from a kerosene lamp cast the shadowy outline of scraggly hair and humped shoulders.
I took my braid and twisted it between my fingers. “I’m looking for my dog, ma’am.”

“What kinda dog?” The face pushed closer to the small window and into view.

Red paint decorated the porch and railing—or was it blood? Some sort of animal skin hung from nails.

She was a witch all right. My hands felt sweaty. “A beagle, ma’am.” My voice cracked. “Do you have a beagle?” I remembered the three quarters, two dimes, and six pennies Patti and I got from her piggy bank in case we needed it to buy Snooper back. “I have money.”

The door creaked open. “Come on in.” A wrinkled eye peered through the crack.

Spikes took a step forward.

I followed close behind him. I didn’t want to go in that creepy shack, but I sure didn’t want to go back through the swamp alone. A slight breeze blew up, triggering a tinkling sound behind me. I turned to see colored bottles hanging from a nearby tree. The moonlight bounced off the deep-blue glass like fireflies dancing in the warm night air.

“Look at that.” I pointed to the display.

“Yeah, it’s a bottle tree. Some folks ’round here make those to trap evil spirits, to keep them away,” Spikes whispered.

“She wants to keep evil away?”
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If you choose to read further, see Felder Rushing, of www.felderrushing.net, who has done extensive research on the topic of bottle trees . More information, along with more photos of bottle trees,can also be found at cafemom.com. 


Anonymous said...

This was in the biographical movie about Ray Charles and I have often wondered about it. Fascinating, Rita.

Rose said...

I love the bottle tree, especially the blue one. I would love to have one in my yard, but my hubby would just think it was trash, not understanding the concept of a bottle tree and he doesn't believe in evil spirits anyway.
The article was very well written & impressive.

Kath Fearing said...

Very creatively described, Rita. I can see it as I read.

Lola said...

Getting materials ready to make one for my garden. Love them.

Rita Monette, Writer said...

I have some bottles collected for my tree, but can't find the perfect tree. I saw one yard where they put pegs along a pole and stuck them on like that. Don't have to believe in evil spirits to enjoy the beauty of the bottles glistening in the sun!

TuggleTown said...

I indeed have a bottle tree. Not all of the bottles are blue, but I'm working on that issue.
I had an oak tree that needed to be cut down and I wanted to save it for my bottle tree.
Mine hang on wire...down from the tree branches. When the sunlight hits this tree, is is lovely!
I do believe in evil spirits, but mine are kept away by my God's Spirit, which lives in me.
I'd put in a picture of it, but don't know how to do that.
Yes, you'd enjoy a bottle tree, either hanging or put on dowel sticks on the tree.

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Tuggle. Glad you found your perfect tree. I have my bottles stuck to the side of a stump in my yard. I see a lot of dead trees along side of the road that I'd love to have for my bottles to hang on. Send me a pic of your tree at frmonette@yahoo.com and I'll post it here for you.

jade said...

The painting was the fun part. We had 4 empty bottles so for the theme, RS Glass bottle

Unknown said...

I'm going To do this when I move in my house

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by Dominique. Right now I have some blue bottles hanging in my dogwood tree. Beautiful in the spring when the flowers are in bloom. Warning though if you live where it freezes, My bottles broke a couple years ago because I didn't have them capped. Water got inside and froze. Took me awhile to figure out whey they broke. But now I have corks in the new ones. No problem.

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Lonnie said...

I was looking for information on this subject having just bought a home and found these hiding in a overgrown back yard in the trees. Makes since since the home was built in the 50's saddly all broken and had to be removed.

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