Friday, November 16, 2012

A Published Author

The day has finally arrived. The day my debut middle grade novel, The Legend of Ghost Dog Island, is available for purchase.

I guess that makes me finally a published author. Something I've been waiting for for a long, long time. Thank you Musa and the Musa family for making it all happen.

But it couldn't have even made it to Musa without the grace of God, and all the wonderful people that helped me along the way.

When I first began writing for children, six years ago, I joined SCBWI, then the Midsouth Region. My friends at Midsouth nurtured my desires to become published, with much valuable and knowedgable advice. Their conferences filled with experts from all over the country gave me the confidence that I could really do this.

Then there were critique partners. Some I met through Critique Circle, such as Connie Hebert, who have remained friends. The group at LL&N, Chuck, Anne, David, Amy, and Gretchen, who helped me polish Ghost Dog.

Editing help from Candie Moonshower and Sandra Byrd gave me much insight.

Even the rejection letters from many agents, who gave me feedback, pushed me to revise and rewrite.

Then there were my closest friends and advisors, Rose Bagwell and Karen Frantzen, who were available at the drop of a hat to re-read something I had re-written, yet again.

I can't forget the wonderful feedback I got from Mrs. Reilly's fourth grade Literary class at Yorktown Elementary in Virginia. I owe them big time!!!

It's not an easy road to publication by all means. It takes patience, preserverance, and a lot of hard work. Now I'm looking forward to the feedback and reviews from people that will read, and hopefully enjoy, the fruits of my labor.

Thank you all.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank you Veterans

I wish to thank all of the veterans of the United States of America for their service to this country. If not for them, America would not be the great nation it is today.