Sunday, May 11, 2014

Children's Book Week, Kid Lit Giveaway Hop

Are you a children's book or teen literature blogger, an author, a publisher, or a publicist looking to share copies of a fabulous book? Mother Daughter Book Reviews and Youth Literature Reviews are joining forces to provide you with the opportunity to take part in the Children's Book Week Giveaway Hop 2014, featuring links to giveaways for fabulous children/teen's books, gift cards, cash, or other prizes. What better way to celebrate Children's Book Week?

To celebrate Children's Book Week, I'm giving away two gift packages, which includes a signed print copy of The Legend of Ghost Dog Island, a stuffed Snooper (character in book), wearing a key on a string. The key "necklace" can be removed and worn by the reader.  
If you like to read tales set in the bayous of Louisiana, you'll love spending time with Nikki Landry and her friends, as they unravel a ten year old legend surrounding something sinister living on a swamp island.  They soon learn that "behind every legend lies the truth." Here's an excerpt!

Mama closed the door behind her. She knew once Papa got going on one of his tales, there was no stopping him.

The last traces of daylight seemed to disappear in a hurry, as if Papa had ordered it away. The glass globe of the kerosene lamp clinked. He touched a match to the wick and adjusted the flame until it filled the room with pale light and gray shadows. He motioned me to sit next to him on the worn sofa.

I hurried to his side, not knowing what spooky legend he was going to tell this time. But as scared as I’d get, I always enjoyed hearing ’em.

“Mais, there’s a legend told around these parts.” That was how they always started out. He leaned down so the light from the lamp made eerie shadows across his face.

I rolled my eyes, determined not to get spooked this time.

“Folks say there’s something living out yonder,” he went on.“Legend has it the monster lures dogs to the island using evil spells. Then at the peak of the full moon, they’re turned into hollow spirits with glowing eyes.” Papa put on his eeriest sneer. “That there’s Ghost Dog Island.”

“Ghost dogs?” I pulled my knees up against my chest and wrapped my arms around ’em tight. My mind conjured up images of a huge monster with drippy fangs and dogs with bright yellow eyes. I thought about the feeling I had of something watching us. Was there really a creature out there? Did it have its eye on my best buddy? I shuddered.

IEEEOWWWOOOO-oooooooo! The howling sound echoed again across the bayou.

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More great news!! There's an upcoming sequel. This one is called The Curse at Pirate's Cove and is due for release on November 21, 2014.  I don't have the official cover yet, but I can tell you that it involves a ghostly pirate ship! Here's a little bit about it.

Nikki Landry is turning eleven years old today, and she's looking forward to riding her bike to school --like Papa promised. That is until the rusty old thing falls apart. It's back to riding the smelly old school bus from now on...unless she can figure out a way to get another one. When she learns of a legend involving the pirate, Jean Lafitte, and buried treasure on a nearby swamp island, she sees a way to solve  her problem. But when she makes a birthday wish for the pirate's gold, things go terribly wrong. Join Nikki and her friends as they encounter ghostly pirates, and get swooped away aboard their haunted schooner to the year 1814, and into the Battle of New Orleans. How will they ever find their way back?

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