Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eleven great reasons to give a book for Christmas


Yes, it's time for I Love Middle Grade Books' Holiday Blog Hop. And I have some great ideas for Christmas gifts for the young people on your list.

Rather than the latest toy or gadget, have you ever thought what the gift of a book has to offer, especially to a child, a tween, or a young adult?  This is the age when young folks are dealing with so many issues. A book can become a comfort in a time of transition. It can become an escape into another world. It can become a learning tool, while getting to know interesting characters. Or it can be just darned good entertainment. Here are eleven great reasons to give your middle grader or young adult a book for Christmas.


1.      Are fairytales your interest? Ann T. Bugg’s Before Happily Ever After series re-visits your child’s favorite stories with a brand new twist.

2.      Time Travel anyone??? Sharon Ledwith’s Legend of the Timekeepers lets the reader travel back in time to Atlantis with some quirky characters that might remind you of someone you already know.

3.      If Greek Mythology is your bag, Kaitlin Bevis offers up the Zeus’ Daughters series for young adults.

4.      Love the arts? Mindy Harwick’s Stained Glass Summer introduces an artform, while exploring the emotions of children of divorce, or feelings of inadequacy.

5.      Everyone loves animals, right? Join George the Basset hound starring in his wonderful book called George Knows. Mindy Mymudes writes down his story (It's hard to write with paws).

6.      Christina Weigand has written some great Christian young adult fantasy books  with her Palace of the Twelve Pillars series.

7.      Does a century-old man with a magical bag catch your interest? Sara Stinson’s Finger Bones is filled with friendship and magic.

8.      Mystery anyone? Lisa Orchard’s Super Spy series is for you.

9.      Like creepy graveyards? Jennifer L. Hotes takes you there with Four Rubbings.

10.  Middle graders who love tiny things might love K.L. Pickett’s Seventh Grade (Alien!) Hero, who finds a tiny spaceship, or Maybe it’s Magic! with a tiny magical glass horse.

11.  Interested in Louisiana Bayou legends?  The Legend of Ghost Dog Island, explores the swamps of Louisiana, while dealing with loss, bullying, and friendship…and solving the mystery of a ghostly legend.

Follow the links below to visit these authors’ blogs, and see what else they have to offer during this blog hop!



Leave a comment here for a chance to win a signed copy of The Legend of Ghost Dog Island. But that's not all. Mention the object that Nikki finds in the blue bottle, and win that item, along with a chance to win a stuffed Snooper!


Happy Holidays!!!!


Sharon Ledwith said...

Love all the pimping you've done for your fellow authors, Rita! Kudos to my big sis! I'm going to take a stab at your quiz and say Nikki found a key in the bottle. Will tweet and share the next two weeks for you! Cheers!

June Kramin said...

Thanks for the extra plug for everyone in the hop, Rita!

Rita Monette, Writer said...

I was just going to write reasons to buy kids books for Christmas, and couldn't think of any better reasons than my own peeps' books!

Thanks for stopping by Sharon and june.

Lisa Orchard said...

Great post Rita! I really appreciate the shout out you gave the Super Spies! ;)

Vonnie said...

Excellent post,Rita. Bright and clean. Love those hints about a great bunch of books. What's in the bottle? Don't have a clue!

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by, Vonnie. Maybe you'll win a copy of my book...and you'll find out what's in the bottle. Hehehe.

Julia Faye Smith said...

What a great way to introduce your fellow blog hopping authors. Would love to win your book for reviewing and passing among my grandchildren.

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Thanks for hopping by and commenting, Julia! Good luck.

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Hey, I just noticed there are only eight authors on my blog linky thingy. I must have used an old one?