Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meet Kai Strand

Today on the Bayou, we welcome Kai Strand. Tell us a little about yourself, Kai...

I’ve always been a storyteller and writer.  But I didn’t consider becoming a professional writer until my oldest daughter and I became hooked on the Harry Potter series and we were between book releases (the fourth and fifth book, I believe.)  I decided while I waited for the release of the next HP, I’d create my own characters and my very own world.  In fewer than four months, I had completed my very first middle grade novel. Read more on my website.

Books by Kai Strand:


Molly Minstrel is treated worse than Cinderella by her mom and sisters. When Molly meets the magical creature, Unwanted, she wishes her problems away. However, you must first understand what you need before knowing what to ask for. Molly will have to look within for the solution to her troubles.
Suggested age for readers: 7-12

Review: This character 
(Unwanted) brings humor to the story, yet at the same time also brings in that hint of truth. Before someone can make a wish they should know what they truly want. Children’s Book Reviewer

As is tradition, Terra learns on the Saturday past her twelfth birthday that she is a Natures Spirit. It is her legacy to serve in the peaceful underground city of Concord. Learning she is named in a prophecy and being threatened by the leader of the death tribe…that part breaks tradition.
The Trepidus are the death janitors of the Underworld, responsible for delivering fatalities with a smile and cleaning up after themselves until Blanco, recent leader of the Trepidus, decides the day of reckoning for his species is coming. He begins organizing the creatures and leads them toward an uprising. The prophecy says there is one person who can stop him. Terra.
With Spirit of Security, Frank, protecting her, Terra attempts to complete her training and discover her Spirit talents. Together, they go on a rogue investigation to learn how to defeat Blanco. In the end, it comes down to a battle of the minds. The future of Concord is at stake. Will Blanco, the older, more experienced being win? Or will Terra, the young, new Spirit earn back the peace of the city?
King of Bad, coming July 2013

Review: This book was sooooooooooo good it was mind blowing. The details that were in every sentence made me jump into the book and I felt like I was in the book and living terra's life!” –A Kid’s Review


Coming July 2013 - King of Bad

Jeff Mean wears his bad boy image like a favorite old hoodie, until he's recruited by Super Villain Academy - where you learn to be good at being bad. Jeff wonders is he bad enough for SVA?

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Kai Strand said...

Thanks for the spotlight today, Rita. It's a pleasure to be here. I've always wanted to visit the Bayou!

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Glad to have you, Kai. I usually serve up Sunday dinner, but it was a hectic last few days. Your books sound wonderful!

Sharon Ledwith said...

Only four months to write your first MG novel? I'm soooo jealous, Kai! Wishing you all the success in the world with ALL your publishing ventures! Cheers. Hmmm...Rita, my tummy is grumbling. Miss your wonderful recipes!

Sharon Ledwith said...

Oh yeah, I'm nominating you Rita (and Kai, but I'll go to your blog) for the Liebster Award! (Please don't hit me!) Here's the link:

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Sharon, I'm making a special trip up North...coming to get you!!