Monday, December 31, 2012

Three Great Ladies of Word

Today I am featuring three wonderfully talented writers. Please read about their books, then go to their websites to learn more about them and their other publications.


Vonnie Hughes


When Alexandra Tallis sets free the attractive man her sister foolishly tried to hold captive, her actions lead not only to a love she never thought to find, but also to a horrific family secret that threatens the fledgling love.

When Alexandra Tallis discovers that her witless sister has imprisoned their father’s nemesis, Theo Crombie in their attic, she quickly frees him, fighting an unladylike impulse to keep him as her own special captive. Despite the brutal beating she receives from her father for her actions, Alexandra continues to yearn for the delicious Mr. Crombie even though she knows that nothing will ever come of her dreams.

Injured and shackled in a stranger’s attic, Theo unexpectedly discovers the woman of his dreams. But how can he pursue those dreams when her bizarre family’s complex relationships threaten the very foundation of his existence? Somehow Theo must find a way through this maze to claim his lady.

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Susan Lodge

Only a Hero Will do

Hetty’s desperate gamble to avoid an odious match lands her all at sea. Can an overbearing ship’s physician really be the hero she needs to escape her treacherous family?

Marriage to a cruel dandy is not how Hetty Avebury envisions spending the rest of her life. Determined to raise funds to escape the match she earns money the only way she knows how—gambling. Her plans go astray and she finds herself onboard a man-of-war under the care of its stern physician. But Hetty soon realizes that the disapproving Doctor Withington is not at all the man she had first imagined.

If it wasn’t bad enough declaring one of the pressed men as a woman, Robert has been tasked with the tiresome job of returning her safely back to her dysfunctional family. It was ten years ago when his father gambled away his inheritance, home, and any chance of marrying the woman he loved. So when Robert discovers Hetty gambling he takes drastic action to cure her of the habit.

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Ann Montclair


Lady in Deed

Piety or passion... What's a lady to do?
Lady Mary Rutherford believed she would live her entire life as a nun. But when King Henry VIII’s reformist movement makes practicing religion a dangerous proposition, Mary is forced to begin a new life with a family she doesn’t know. Worse, she must become lady of the manor, a role for which she feels sorely unprepared.

After a decade of service to his king, Lord Trenton Stanley returns home to find his estate in ruins, his fortune depleted, and his doddering father drooling over Mary—a woman Trent fears has been installed to replace his mother. Trent strives to rebuild his life, but his desire for Mary becomes a serious distraction he can’t seem to ignore.

Though Mary is anxious to prove she’s a worthy lady, she’s tempted by the rakish Trent into deeds most unladylike…
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Sharon Ledwith said...

Wow, you've got some really classie ladies on your blog today, Rita! Well done, Vonnie, Susan, and Ann! Wishing you the best in all your publishing endeavors in 2013! Cheers!

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Yes, they bring a lot of class to the bayou, don't they?

Lizzie said...

Love these ladies and their work!

janedougherty said...

There's romance for everyone here, and great writing. Best of luck to the three of you in 2013.

Holley Trent said...

I'm always so impressed by the cover arts Musa creates for the historical and regency titles. So evocative!

susanlodgebooks said...

Thanks for hosting me Rita I feel honored to be featured with these lovely authors .
I really like the video for The Legend of Ghost Dog Island. It sets the scene brilliantly !

KM said...

I've read some, but not all, of the books these fine authors have written. I'll have to add the others to my To-be-read list!

Kathleen Rockwood

Rita Monette, Writer said...

It was wonderful to have so much talent in one place.

Susan, thanks for the compliment on my trailer. Created it myself :-)

Vonnie said...

Thank you for having us Rita. And oh, I love anything about the bayoux. Anything. Just finished a series by Sharon Sala. It's the flavor of the brackish water and the mozzies and all that REAL stuff. I'm not much for tinsel and diamonds.

Rita Monette, Writer said...

You're welcome, Vonnie. Haven't heard of Sharon Sala. Will have to check her out. No tinsel and diamonds in my book. Lots of gumbo colored water and gators sliding through the swamp mud.